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Services Offered

Accounts Payable/Receivables

Accounts Payable: Record transactions of bills or money a business currently owes to another business or individual to the appropriate liability account. Ensure all accounts payables are paid prior to their due date and the payment is cleared.

Accounts Receivable: Generate and record all invoices due from customers. Responsible for collecting payments from customers and applying payments accordingly.

Receipt Management

Categorize receipts into correct expense accounts while organizing hard copy receipts for future needs such as audits or tax preparation.  

Making electronic copies of receipts if needed. 

Financial Statement Preparation

Print monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements to provide insight to the financial stability of the business. 

Provide all needed financial statements or reports to the business's CPA for to aid in tax preparation.

Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation: Confirm all payments have been processed, customer payments have been deposited, and all cash collections have been deposited. Responsible for ensuring bank statements make income and expense accounts. Essential to help prevent theft or fraud from occurring within larger businesses. 

Credit Card Reconciliation: match all transactions on credit card statement with receipts and ensure the expenses are logged into the proper expense account.


Help create monthly and yearly budgets to help businesses reach their financial goals. 

Compare financial statements to budgets to help businesses stay within their spending limits to ensure the maximum financial gain possible for the year.

Expense Tracking

Tracking of expenses is important to help businesses construct a realistic, reliable budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Individual Projects

Perform customized projects such as building custom excel spreadsheets and more based on clients individual needs.

Tax Preparation

Work closely with accountant responsible for preparing yearly taxes, to provide all necessary documentation and financial statements needed to help reduce the stress and worry of the tax season.

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Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Free Initial Consultation​

Value Packages Begin at Minimum of $300 per Month

Each Package is Customized for every Client's specific needs

*Specific projects will be paid at an hourly rate.

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Discounts Offered to Veterans and First Responders!

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